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Peter de Koning

Local Project Manager Kenya 

"Let it flow!"

Peter de Koning klein.jpg

About me:

I’ve always felt connected to the natural environment, inspired by the ocean crashing into the dunes, by the civil works to protect our once upon a time living delta against it. The intent of the water is to make us move with when it comes and when it goes. I’ve received training and work experience in the field of water engineering, was part of many initiatives in the world of sustainability, and got educated to work in the socio-ecological context (open systems thinking, flow) a.o. in a wetland ecosystem (Tamil Nadu, India), savannah landscape (with Maasai communities in Kenya and Tanzania), and a river basin (Thika River, Kenya).

I love to look back at the historical context of the countries and (social) ecosystems I get to work in and look ahead to the best possible future. I want to see rivers flow freely in a world full of life, and I want to see water go through pipelines supplying the citizens of this world with that what is our live and alive: water! I am now based in Nairobi and work with our partners towards this goal.

My work for World Waternet:

I am a project manager for the Blue Deal partnership with Water Resources Authority (WRA) in Kenya, the WaterWorX partnership with Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC), the Catchment 2 Tap program led by WWF Kenya and together with Acacia Water, VEI, KEWASNET, CIWAB/Egerton University, and the NWB Fonds initiative for a Future Design Basecamp around Thika River.

I am responsible for implementation of our programs which include technical topics such as asset management, water production, non-revenue water, monitoring of water resources, catchment restoration, and more as well as for attracting finance and addressing enabling environment issues (within and beyond our partners).

Want to reach out?

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