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19 July 2019

How can drones contribute to a structural better water supply in Burkina Faso?

Together with Dutch Water Authority WDODelta we tried to answer this question during our last mission to Burkina Faso. WDODelta's drone team used dron...

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11 July 2019

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development pays visit to Waternet

On Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 July, some twelve bankers from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) visited the Netherlands for...

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02 July 2019

The Amsterdam Integrated Approach in Buenos Aires

The Partners for Water program (RVO) has requested World Waternet and the City of Amsterdam to develop an integral approach of water, solid waste mana...

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24 June 2019

Aboubacar and Isabel: a YEP dream team

The YEP Programme bureau encourages organisations to apply for a YEP Duo - a Dutch Young Expert together with a local Young Expert. A Young Expert duo...

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21 June 2019

Pilot resilience projects in Zhuhai, China

Under the request of Zhuhai Housing and Urban Planning Development, World Waternet supported with the revision of the overall guideline for urban plan...

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05 June 2019

Good practice for managed aquifer recharge in Beijing

Beijing is known for its extreme weather events and has been subject to severe water shortages. Adequate groundwater levels are key to securing urban ...

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23 May 2019

World Waternet experts on prime-time television in Laos and Mali

Waternet experts are doing awesome things in World Waternet projects worldwide. But now it seems that even the local media is picking up on it. This m...

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10 April 2019

Blue Deal program has officially kicked-off!

Twenty million people in forty catchment areas worldwide that are better protected against water and have access to sufficient, clean water. That is t...

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