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Tomas Hidde Hoekstra

Project Coordinator Ethiopia

"Listen with the intend to understand, not to reply"

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About me:

Everyone deserves access to clean and sufficient water. Without water no life. World Waternet can greatly contribute in collaborations around water management, but it has to happen in a right way. What drives me in my work is to investigate and understand this ‘right way’. I try to make a positive and sustainable contribution to water management in Ethiopia by listening to which needs there are, which issues exist and how people think about the future.

My work at World Waternet:

I am the eyes and ears of World Waternet in Ethiopia. I ensure good coordination within the projects, maintain contact with partners and look for new collaborations. Interested in one of our projects? Working together in Ethiopia? Send me a message and let's have a (digital) cup of tej or bunna soon!

Want to reach out?

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