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Jaap Bos

Project Coordinator Ghana

"Think big, act local"

Jaap Bos klein.jpg

About me:

Water is crucial for most people in the world and especially for the poorest. I find it important that “water measures” are devised and implemented with  - and preferably also by - the local population. I am convinced that Nature Based Solutions can play an important role in this. Keep the bigger picture in mind, but start small and local.

My work at World Waternet:

I am coordinator Northern Ghana within our Blue Deal partnership, with "specialisms" Governance, IWRM and Reforestation. In addition, I fulfill the role of Focal Point Nature Based Solutions for all Blue Deal Partnerships. Within this role I ensure that knowledge is built up and recorded about NbS, I encourage that NbS projects are set up, I advise partnerships on request and I supervise a Community of Practice on this subject.

Want to reach out?

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