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Privacy and cookies

Your privacy is important to us. World Waternet applies Waternet's privacy and security statement. This statement sets out how we handle your personal details and which type of cookies we use.


We use cookies: small files we place on your computer when you visit our website. This is to ensure our website works correctly.

Functional cookies

We need these cookies to ensure our website works correctly. For example, we use them when you log in to My Waternet.

Cookies to ensure our website works correctly

Analytical cookies

We use these cookies to improve our website. They enable us to see what the most visited pages are and how our visitors navigate our website. With this information we can determine which pages we need to improve in order to better serve our customers. These analytical cookies do not track your name, email address or any other personal info.

Cookies to improve our website

Tracking cookies

With tracking cookies other websites can track you while you visit our website. Waternet does not use any tracking cookies. However, they may be placed on your computer when you view a page with embedded content from another website. For example a YouTube video or a Twitter message. These sites use tracking cookies to show you personalized advertisements. When you disable these cookies you may not be able to see this embedded content.

Cookies to view videos and social media

Cookies to view videos and social media

Personal Data Protection Act

Waternet abides by the rules of the Personal Data Protection Act. The main objective of this Act was to protect the privacy of citizens. The Act was developed to give protection and lay down rules about how data about people can be used. Do you submit information to us via the websites and apps of Waternet? This information will only be used in accordance to the law.

Why do we need your information?

Waternet supplies tap water and maintains the sewer system. We also maintain the dykes, canals, embankments and bridges. Your information allows us to do our work properly.

What are your personal details?

For example, your personal details are:

  • name
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • address
  • water consumption
  • phone number
  • email address
  • bank account number
  • payments

We treat all your personal details confidentially.

Your personal details are used for the following services:

  • For example, we use your personal information to send a tap water bill or a payment reminder. Or to handle problems (e.g. service interruptions) or complaints.
  • Waternet can commission a different organisation to provide services on behalf of Waternet. Sometimes they require access to your personal details. We make agreements with these organisations to protect your privacy. They are only permitted to use your personal information for the work they are contracted to do.
  • We want to provide the best possible service. We can commission an external research agency to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. In order to do so, they require access to our customers' personal details. If you do not want this, please let Waternet know via the complaint form ().
  • Waternet can use your contact details to send you electronic messages. For example, via sms. These messages may concern the supply of your water, calamities or problems (e.g. service interruptions). Do you not want to receive electronic messages? Please let us know via the complaint form ().
  • Waternet offers convenient services, such as the Vaarwater app (waterway navigation application). This app uses your location. If you do not want us to use your location please disable these on the Vaarwater app.


We use cookies. Cookies are small files which we place on your computer. They ensure that our website functions properly and is geared to the visitors. We want to protect your privacy and, at the same time, make our website as user-friendly as possible. Waternet uses two types of cookies:

  • Functional cookies. These cookies are necessary to enable the website to work properly. We use cookies to provide the services you request e.g. to enable you to log in to My Waternet. If we know your location, we can show you the work in progress and problems (e.g. service interruptions) in your area.
  • Analytical cookies. These cookies enable us to improve the website. We use these cookies to see which pages are visited most. And which path visitors take on your website. This allows us to see which pages we need to change, enabling you to find the information you need easier and quicker. Analytical cookies do not store your name, email address or other personal details.

More about cookies

You can find more information in Dutch about cookies on the website of the Consumentenbond (Dutch Consumers' Association):

Your personal details

Protection of your personal details

Waternet protects your personal details against loss and misuse. Do you have any questions regarding the protection of your personal details? Or about cookies or the protection of your personal details? Please let us know via the complaint form ().

How long do we retain your personal details?

Waternet only retains your personal details for as long as it is legitimately permitted to do so. And only as long as required to allow us to do our work. How long we actually retain your personal details depends on the type of information. And why we require the information.

You can view and change your account details

You are entitled to view your account details at Waternet. You are entitled to know the account details that we have registered. And the purposes for which they are used. Do you see any errors in your account details? Then you can change these. Would you like to view your account details? And would you like to change these? Please let us know via the complaint form ().

Data Protection Officer

Waternet employs a Data Protection Officer (in Dutch: Functionaris Gegevensbescherming). The Data Protection Officer advises and checks whether Waternet observes the rules for privacy and protection of personal data. Do you have any questions for the Data Protection Officer? Please send an e-mail to [email protected] ().

File a complaint

Do you think that we use your account information for purposes which are not strictly necessary? Then you can file a complaint. Please let Waternet know via the complaint form ().

Websites of other organisations

The website of Waternet contains links to other organisations. Have you submitted information to these websites? For example, by completing a form on these websites? Then Waternet is not responsible for how these organisations handle your personal information. Please consult the privacy statement of the website concerned.


Waternet is not responsible for the content that other users post on our Facebook page (). Or what other users share via Facebook. Is the material that users post or share protected by copyright? Then Waternet is not liable for the actions of these users.

Changing the privacy statement

Waternet might change the privacy statement. Therefore we recommend that you regularly read the privacy statement. This will allow you to remain well-informed of how Waternet uses and protects your personal details.