Marieke van Nood

Regional Manager East Africa

Marieke van Nood is Regional Manager of East Africa. From the very beginning of her study Civil Engineering in Delft, she knew she wanted to contribute to international water projects. After having worked on various water projects in Japan and Sri Lanka, she became responsible improving water management in the Danube basin at the European Commission. Especially the challenge to combine environmental and economic interests in fast-developing Eastern European countries appealed to her.

After a side step into the energy and waste sector, she now seizes the opportunity to contribute to water projects in developing countries. With her enthusiasm and capability to separate side issues from main issues, she is very well able to get to the bottom of water issues and make use of the relevant knowledge and expertise of Waternet Experts, in order to find suitable and sustainable solutions.

She recently moved to a houseboat in Amsterdam with her family, and ever since she is daily reminded how well-organized Dutch water management is.