Kees van der Lugt

Regional Manager MENA region

Kees van der Lugt is Regional Manager of the MENA (Middle-East and North-Africa) region at World Waternet. For 10  years he has been active as an integral manager with the responsibility for teams of different sizes and with different scopes: policy, operations & maintenance, planning and projects. Keywords are: connecting people, organisation development and result oriented.

As senior policymaker and project manager at a policy department and as consultant and advisor at a consultancy company he has a broad experience with project execution and control, process management and making reports on water management, environmental and spatial planning.

At World Waternet, Kees focusses on complex projects in the field of governance, content -and decision making.  Apart from that, he is responsible for the international cooperation with the City of Amsterdam and the international Amsterdam Coalition on Water, Waste and Urban Development. As programme manager he is responsible for conference programme of the Amsterdam International Water Week. He works as Innovation Manager at the Strategic Centre of Waternet he connects the Waternet R&D programme with (inter)national innovation projects and policy.