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Paul van Schie

Finance Manager

‘In God we trust, the rest we audit!’ to trigger people.. 

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About me

I have had several previous employers in my 25 years of working experience, the most important ones are Copijn,Tebodin Bilfinger, but also for NGO's in my spare time. I'm bringing 25 years of finance and project control experience, a dedicated strive for improvement and a good laugh.  

My work at World Waternet

I ensure reliable financial management for World Waternet. Clear and correct (financial) reports & budgets to the board, financiers and stakeholders (including the tax authorities). If you would like to know whether World Waternet is a solid organization and which regulations we comply with, please feel free to contact me.

Water and Paul

As money is the blood through the vains of all organizations, water is that to life of all people and I love to contribute the improving water cycles worldwide; to make sustainable impact.

Favorite place to swim

Rosario Islands Colombia, between the fish. 

Goals & hobbies

My goal in life is to leave the planet a bit better as I got it... or at least minimize my/our footprint. Crazy hobbies Squash, Padel, Tennis, watching movies, reading books, and travelling. 


Want to reach out?

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