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Khaled Sa'ad

Senior Expert Wastewater Management

Khaled klein.jpg

About me:

Looking for a Bridge?....

I am the Bridge….

A Mediterranean sea wave…..

That has been flowed….

From the shores of the orient…

To the waters of Amsterdam…..

My work at World Waternet:

I am a Senior Expert Wastewater Management for the Middle East and North Africa regions. Currently, I am involved in two projects in the Middle East (Jordan and Palestinian Territories).

Within our Water Operators' Partnership with Yarmouk Water Company in Jordan, I am the coordinator of one of the five themes in this project, "Asset Management." The activities in this sub-project aim to establish an asset management system within the partner company to improve management and maintenance processes and obtain optimal value from the assets. At the same time, I contribute to various activities in the other four themes of this collaboration.

Within our Blue Deal Partnership with the Palestinian Water Authority, I collaborate with the newly established water company in the North Hebron region. With this organization and the stakeholders in this region, I am working on developing the long-term vision, policies, and strategies of the organization until the year 2045 for effective wastewater management in North Hebron.

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