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Arnout van Balen

WOP Support Officer West-Africa & Tanzania

"Let’s make it work!"

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About me:

Equality is a very important concept to me. I find it unfair that the poorest people have to travel the longest distances for water and pay the highest prices for it. Therefore, I am committed to working towards a world where everyone has access to clean drinking water in their immediate surroundings.

My work at World Waternet:

As WOP Support Officer West-Africa and Tanzania, I support the project managers with project management. This includes assisting in writing annual plans and quarterly and annual reports. Additionally, I facilitate communication between the WaterWorX team and local colleagues. I help setting up and implementing incoming missions, working together with colleagues to develop a program, arranging flight tickets, and ensuring that local partners have time to participate in the program. Furthermore, I ensure that annual goals are achieved, primarily by assisting the local partner with daily tasks for the WaterWorX project.

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