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Steffie Bes

Project Coordinator Laos 

‘The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.’ 


About me 

I have a background in History and Middle Eastern studies. In the past I worked for a youth-led NGO that facilitated dialogue in the Middle East. The last three years I worked for a consultancy firm (TwynstraGudde) with a focus on stakeholder engagement.   

I ensure reliable financial management for World Waternet. Clear and correct (financial) reports & budgets to the board, financiers and stakeholders (including the tax authorities). If you would like to know whether World Waternet is a solid organization and which regulations we comply with, please feel free to contact me. 

My work at World Waternet 

At WWn, I work in Lao PDR to support the Water Operator Partnerships between World Waternet and the Lao water utilities. The general goal is to increase access to safe drinking water in Lao PDR. I ensure good coordination between the water utilities, the ministry, the experts and WWn.  

Favorite place to swim 

A fresh cold mountain stream.  

Goals & hobbies 

Every were I go, I take a bike with me  

Want to reach out? 

Email() () │ LinkedIn() ()