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Frank Tibben

Collective Intelligence & Strategic Partnerships

"Smarter together"

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About me:

Personally motivated, out-of-the-box thinking water professional who excites the water sector by connecting interdisciplinary, international and intercultural. I have a background in civil engineering & (water) management. My professional and personal experiences support me in connecting my technical and management background with social, cultural and political aspects. Working at the intersection of these fields is my biggest motivation. Almost all global challenges have a strong link with water. Together we possess the knowledge and skills to deal with it. Let’s accelerate and innovate.

My work for World Waternet:

Guiding and uniting World Waternet and partners towards accelerated, sustainable impact; clean, safe and enough water worldwide. My focus is on smart partnerships and optimized intelligence within and outside our portfolio. I am the connecting and strategic factor between World Waternet (WWn), WWn’s Water Operators’ Partnership Portfolio and main donors and partners.

Want to reach out?

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