Janette Worm

Regional Manager Middle East


Janette Worm is Regional Manager at World Waternet. Her ambition: providing safe and clean water and sanitation to more people, whilst protecting freshwater supply on this planet.

She grew up directly at the Amstel River and as a child, she was always busy with water. She still is a true water lover: often to be found alongside, in and on water.

Janette began her career with a scientific twist, studying Hydrology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, during which she conducted several research projects throughout the world. After graduation, she joined the Dutch Ministry of Environment, Infrastructure and Water Management. After which, we worked for the United Nations in West Africa and Southern Africa and advised on sustainable management of water supply, with a strong focus on participation, gender and climate adaptation.

In 2005 she founded her own consultancy firm WaterPlanetEarth and provided advice to several public and civil society organisations on strategic development and sustainability. Deriving from her pragmatic attitude, she always aims to  achieve the envisaged result. The most essential aspect of her work is identifying and mobilizing stakeholders and partnerships for inclusive development and sustainable management of water supply. She links long-term ambitions to short-term actions. She is an experienced Program Manager who focusses on different levels: from small-scale experiments to the greater whole of regulations and policy. She enjoys switching between board members and experts.

With her long-time work experience she feels right at home in the professional field of World Waternet. Combined with her ample knowledge of partnerships, she functions perfectly as an intermediary between the broad Waternet expertise and water issues in the Middle-East. With the kick-off of the Blue Deal and WaterWorX programs, World Waternet will face numerous new challenges in the coming years. As Regional Manager, Janette is passionately devoted to utilizing sustainable development and opportunities as much as possible, making use of her experience and skills.