Bamako (Mali)

Work in progress

Water Operator Partnership with SOMAGEP SA to improve water quality in 90 cities in Mali

Region Southern Mali
Period 2018-2021
Project partners  Waterproef, Het Waterlaboratorium, World Bank, Akvo Foundation, Direction Nationale de l'Hydraulique du Mali (DNH)
Recipients Société Malienne de la Gestion de l'Eau Potable (SOMAGEP SA)
Funding  WaterWorX, Via Water, Young Expert Programme (YEP)


Mali is a poor and dry country, hit hard by the effects of climate change. SOMAGEP SA is one of the public water supply companies of Mali. It is responsible for the drinking water supply in 17 major urban areas throughout Mali. SOMAGEP SA faces huge challenges in providing its customers with proper drinking water. World Waternet and SOMAGEP SA have entered into a Water Operator Partnership (WOP), in which World Waternet will help SOMAGEP SA combat these challenges, under the name 'GeoWaQU project'. This WOP is part of the WaterWorX programme.

Our impact

We contribute to improved access to drinking water for an estimated 2.5 million people in 17 major urban areas in Mali.


  • Improved performance of laboratory through training and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Improved work safety, working procedures, operations and maintenance of laboratory.
  • Obtaining an ISO-certification, so the SOMAGEP SA laboratory can assure quality of their results towards its customers.
  • Development of quicker and cheaper model for water quality data gathering.
  • Registration of over 250 sample points in Bamako by using Akvo-flow and Akvo Caddisfly (in cooperation with Akvo). These tools will enable SOMAGEP SA to obtain the results faster and more accurate.

Obtained results

  • Zero audit ISO-certification of laboratory.
  • Recruitment of two Young Experts of the Young Expert Programme (YEP).