WaterWorX - Nairobi (Kenya)

Work in progress

Sustainable access to drinking water and improved sanitation in Nairobi

Region Nairobi City
Period 2017-2030
Project partners Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company Ltd (Nairobi Water)
Funding  Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (WaterWorX programme) 


Due to rapid population growth, climate change, irrigation, groundwater abstraction and deforestation, the water supply Nairobi is facing major pressure. During droughts, the city cannot be constantly supplied with proper drinking water. Nairobi Water is facing challenges in service delivery in water and sanitation for population of Nairobi. World Waternet and Nairobi Water have entered into a Water Operators' Partnership (WOP), in which World Waternet will support Nairobi Water combat these challenges. This project is part of the WaterWorX () programme.

Our impact

The project contributes to improved access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation for the inhabitants of Nairobi.


  • Expansion of drinking water connections (60.000-80.000).
  • Knowledge exchange and training (also for other Kenyan water authorities).
  • Optimisation of processes (water treatment, water and energy conservation and water resource management).
  • Improvement of water quality and quantity.
  • Use of best practices through benchmark.