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Energy Transition

The transition to being free of natural gas can only be achieved if there is a heat transition. Thermal energy from the water cycle (aquathermal energy) can contribute substantially to this. Within this theme, Waternet is working on pilots for the application of aquathermal energy and for the realisation of open low-temperature heat networks (LT networks) in which, in addition to aquathermal energy, heat generated from data centres can also play a role.


  • Thermal energy: balancing demand for heating and cooling via aquathermal energy combined with primary tasks
  • Other energy: Waternet – energy positive/free of natural gas


Knowledge Agenda

To further improve water quality and technology, Waternet will do more research on:

  • Potential of aquathermal energy
  • Thermal energy from waste water surface water and drinking water
  • Low-temperature heat networks


Current projects

An overview of the projects in the field of energy transition can be found on (). Some examples of projects are:

  •  Environmental heat map: Waternet's environmental heat map contains information on sources for aquathermy, heat demand, storage capacity of the soil and the construction year of houses. More information ().
  • From sand extraction to heat extraction: Improving the water quality of Lake Sloterplas while using the lake to generate sustainable heat from the surrounding households. More information ().
  • Power to the X - convert electricity in other energy products: Storing sustainably generated electricity and rainwater and/or converting it into the following products hydrogen, heat or demineralised water. More information ().
  • Tomahawk II - software for realizing cooled heat networks. More information ().
  • New Sanitation: Together with Waternet, the municipality of Amsterdam is working on the design of Strandeiland, a new island in IJburg where about 8,000 homes will be built in a highly sustainable way and the 'new sanitation' concept will be be applied. More information ().