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Climate Adaptation

We are experiencing more extreme rain events, longer periods of drought and higher temperatures. Water cycle management will have to adapt to a changing climate.


Waternet will investigate new techniques, products and processes that can help to tackle the climate adaptation challenge. The objective is to have a climate resilient region by 2050. That means:

  • Minimal social disruption and damage in the event of floods, extreme weather conditions (rain, drought and heat) and long-term climate effects, such as rising sea levels, soil subsidence and increasing fluctuations in groundwater levels.
  • Exploitation of climate effects and adaptive measures for creating an appealing living environment.



Knowledge agenda

To further improve climate adaptation approaches, Waternet will do more research on:

  • Governance structures in relation to climate adaptation
  • Water cycle modelling
  • Smart water distribution (based on demand and availability)
  • Innovative techniques to rainwater harvesting and heat management
  • Asset protection, rising sea levels and fluctuating river discharges


Current projects

An overview of the projects in the field of climate adaptation can be found on (). Some examples of projects are:


Amsterdam Rainproof

The municipality of Amsterdam and Waternet have set up 'Amsterdam Rainproof’, a platform with the aim of increasing Amsterdam’s resilience to increasingly frequent rainstorms. Amsterdam Rainproof collaborates with the public sector, businesses and residents, housing associations, insurers, research and educational institutions, and professionals. More info on the website of Amsterdam Rainproof () and below publications:

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Download the Amsterdam Rainproof magazine or brochure for further information on our network approach for making Amsterdam resilient to cloudburst events.