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Bekasi (Indonesia)

Finalized project

Water Operators' Partnership with the Bekasi City Waste Water Technical Unit as part of the Knowledge and Innovation Support for ADB's Water Finance Programme

Region Bekasi
Period 2018-2020
Project partner Delfland Water Authority
Recipients Bekasi City Waste Water Technical Unit (WWTU)
Funding   Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Bekasi is a city in Western Java located on the eastern border of Jakarta. The population in 2017 is about 2.8 million people. Currently, sewage collection activities in Bekasi are managed only by on-site system i.e. septic tanks, soak pits and 18 communal based systems and public toilets. Most of installed septic tanks do not meet the Indonesian National standards, so it still pollutes the groundwater and surrounding environment. Programs are underway to improve these conditions as guided by and the city’s sanitation masterplan and national policies and strategies. UPTD PALD is the Waste Water Technical Unit of Bekasi responsible for managing the septage management system. 

Our impact

In this Water Operators' Partnership, World Waternet will share its expertise and experience in Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (IPLT) process improvement, septic sludge management improvement and will establishing a five-year work plan for the unit.


Remote consultation, workshops, study visits and on-the-job training.

Expected results

  • Adjusted processes, including electrical and mechanical operations and maintenance, and safety.
  • Standard Operating Procedure for IPLT.
  • IPLT training manual.
  • Staff are trained as trainer/mentor.
  • Certificates for trained employees.
  • Permitting procedure and data management tool for private de-sludgers.
  • Work plan 2019–2024, including: objectives regarding waste water management in 2024, baseline 2019, investment plan, annual plan for 2020 and resource planning.
  • Guidelines on strategic planning in waste water management

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