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Abbay River Basi & Rift Valley Lakes (Ethiopia)

Finalized project

Working together on integral water management



Ethiopia is a water-rich country, but rainfall differs a lot per region and has become erratic in recent years. The government aims to reach the lower-middle income status. Sustainable development of water resources is seen as an important driver of green growth and poverty reduction; the development of integrated water resource management (IWRM) is key. Twelve River Basin Authorities have been created in 2011, but implementation is slow due to lack of capacity and knowledge of water resources and institutional planning. World Waternet, together with partners, supported the Abbay Basin Authority (ABA) and the Rift Valley Lakes Basin Authority (RVLBA). We assisted the ABA with strengthening water management in the Abbay basin, based on the principles of integrated water resources management. We supported RVLBA by investigating the issues within the river basin and formulating specific project goals for the future. World Waternet has also provided training to the Ethiopian partners through the Hague Academy.

Our impact

The implementation of integrated water resources management contributes to ensuring the availability of water resources in the long-term for the population in the Abbay basin and the Rift Valley Basin.


  • We supported the ABA with solid water management, developing a river basin plan and staff training in the use of hydrologic modeling and geographical information systems. Attention is also paid to enforcement aspects.
  • We provided support to RVLBA by developing a river basin plan and strategy for integrated water resource management, providing training on hydrologic modelling and support in stakeholder involvement and support in information management.

Obtained results

  • Training on geographical information systems (HIS/GIS) and tailor made training activities.
  • Institutional support and stakeholder management.
  • Set up of guidelines for a river basin plan.

This project continued as two separate projects with funding from the Blue Deal program (project in Abbay) and the Sustainable Water Fund (Project in the Rift region).