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Social Inclusion: embracing the power of every voice in watermanagement

26 June 2024

Ensuring each individual has the ability, resources, and opportunity to participate and influence. This concept is more relevant than ever. Because when everyone has a seat at the table, we harness a broader range of perspectives, experiences, and solutions.

Diverse voices bring unique insights that can lead to more innovative and sustainable approaches to water challenges. When individuals from all walks of life are involved, we ensure that solutions are equitable and effectively address the needs of those most impacted. This inclusive approach fosters community resilience, promotes social equity, and ultimately leads to more robust and enduring outcomes.

Earlier this year, on February 8th, we initiated the Blue Deal Community of Practice (CoP) on Social Inclusion and Stakeholder Participation, setting the stage for collaborative learning and sharing.

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Pieces of the puzzle

Climate and water-related challenges disproportionately impact vulnerable populations and their communities. Historically, as water experts, we’ve often viewed these groups merely as recipients of our solutions rather than integral partners. By actively involving marginalized communities in decision-making processes, we foster a sense of ownership and ensure that our interventions are finely tuned to local needs and contexts. This approach not only enhances the success of our efforts but also builds stronger, more resilient communities.

Ignoring social inclusion can widen existing inequalities. Thus, we need a paradigm shift where inclusivity is not an afterthought but a guiding principle. Let’s listen more, collaborate openly, and act with empathy and determination. Together, we can create a world where every voice matters and is heard.

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Focal point and leading group

Achieving this level of inclusion is challenging but essential. With support from the NWB-fund, we’ve established a Focal Point for Social Inclusion, similar to our Focal Point for Nature-based Solutions (NbS). Dedicated to driving inspiration, connection, and peer-to-peer learning, the Focal Point aims to amplify knowledge and awareness throughout the water sector. Our objective is to stimulate initiatives that emphasize collaborative efforts and inclusive dialogue.

Following the model of the NbS, the Focal Point is backed by a Leading Group. This diverse team, with representatives from each Blue Deal region, works to gather and disseminate knowledge, and to spur initiatives related to social inclusion across partnerships.

Social inclusion in the Blue Deal

The inclusion of social principles is pivotal within the Blue Deal. It’s not just a box to tick; it’s a core value. Every partnership under the Blue Deal umbrella is expected to integrate social inclusion into their strategic plans. By embracing social inclusion, we unlock new avenues for positive change and more effective water management strategies.

Call to action: join us in making a difference

The landscape of water management is evolving, and social inclusion is at the forefront of this change. We invite you to join the conversation and become part of our community. Whether you want to learn more, join the Community of Practice, or share your own experiences, we encourage you to connect with us.


Get in touch with Tanah Meijers and be a part of our journey towards a more inclusive and equitable approach to water challenges.