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Reducing non-revenue water is crucial for water supply to communities

29 May 2024

Non-revenue water means clean water produced by a utility company, that never reaches paying customers because of leakages. Access to drinking water is crucial, yet in many communities children and woman have to walk as far as 40 kilometres (!) to collect water. With the support of Woord en Daad, World Waternet collaborates with the Heban Negelle Siraro Water Utility (HNS) to improve their water delivery services to the rural villages in the Siraro area - Ethiopia.


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During the latest visit, the focus was placed on mapping the leakages along the water supply lines. Since these pipes are buried underground, detecting leakages is a challenging task. By measuring the flow at strategic points along the line, the location of these leakages can be pin-pointed with greater accuracy. During the field visit, the activities included:

  • Handingover of three ultrasound clamp-on flow-meters
  • Conducting several training sessions on the usage of these flow-meters
  • Performing field measurements
  • Further development of the Asset Management Register

Equipping the HNS team with these flow-meters has strengthened their operational capabilities. During the training the commitment and engagement among the utility staff was high and they were eager to use the flow-meters.

Furthermore, we had the honour to attend the opening of 18 community taps by our partners BBBC and Woord en Daad to see where the water flows to!

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