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Cooperation launched with The Suriname Water Company

01 July 2024

The Suriname Water Company (SWM) and World Waternet have launched the cooperation agreement for a Water Operating Partnership (WOP) improving access to clean drinking water in Suriname. World Waternet has a long history of Cooperation with Suriname and SWM.

Surinam SWM

In mid-June, Linda Riemer and Alice Fermont went with three themes for cooperation:

  • Updating the SWM Master Plan
  • A study on implementing asset management within SWM
  • Evaluating risk management as part of water management

With a team of motivated collaborators, we created three project plans in 8 days. Below is a brief overview of the main results:

Drinking water supply plan

The existing master plan from 2011 was in need of an update, especially in view of climate adaptation and other developments. We will develop a supply plan for the next 5 years (2025-2030), including an analysis of the current situation, risks and measures. This plan is in line with the Ministry of Finance and Planning's Multi-Year Development Plan 2022-2026.

Strengthen asset management

After an audit, we found that the scattered storage of asset information and management of assets at SWM were not adequate. Asset management is a continuous process in which performance, risks and costs are carefully weighed. We want to strengthen this at SWM. We have defined activities, divided tasks, invested responsibilities and started questionnaires for an asset information inventory.

Strengthen risk management

The risk management project plan has been updated. We are focusing on a company-wide framework to weigh up and prioritise risks. Risk management forms the basis for both asset management and the delivery plan.

Cooperation and follow-up

  • The three project plans are submitted to the steering committee for decision-making
  • We remain in monthly contact on progress
  • Online training sessions and a working visit to WWN in November 2024 are planned
  • We look forward to continued cooperation and possible funding for further improvements.

An important part of the cooperation is also seeking funding opportunities for a structural collaboration. Because only in this way do we believe we can contribute to improved access to clean drinking water in Suriname. Because together with SWM, we want to work on a reliable drinking water supply for Suriname. πŸ’§πŸŒ