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Embassy of Water: The Power of Design for Water

08 November 2023

The Dutch Design Week (DDW) is an annual event held in Eindhoven, Netherlands, where designers, creatives, and innovators from around the world converge to explore the latest trends in design across various disciplines, from technology and fashion to sustainability and social innovation.

Design VS.

One distinguishing feature of DDW is its role in bridging the gap between creativity, technology, and societal issues, offering a platform for both established designers and emerging talents to inspire and share their perspectives on design's contemporary role.

Embassy of Water

The Embassy of Water () at DDW 2023 was an extraordinary showcase of design's power in raising awareness about water-related challenges and exploring innovative solutions. It emphasized design's pivotal role in reimagining water usage and management, as well as promoting water awareness.

DDW 2023 spotlighted design's role in addressing water problems and awareness. The Embassy of Water exhibited a collection of projects that encourage us to rethink our relationship with water. Designers approached various aspects of water usage and management from different angles. Here's a list of noteworthy projects:

  • Toolkit Voice of Water (Chiara Treglia, tini studio): A practical, interactive toolkit for creating sustainable and water-friendly homes in the construction sector.
  • Vortex Technology (Wetsus, sustainable water technology research institute): Innovative use of natural water vortices to improve the water purification process.
  • Watermonitor: Real-time water quality monitoring with significant implications for preserving clean water sources.
  • Visualizations of Regenerative New Construction: Virtual images of a water-rich future inspiring sustainable and water-conscious construction.
  • Nature Building Kit (Company New Heroes): An interactive kit promoting biobased materials, sustainable construction, and collaboration with nature.
  • Pure Water (Stichting Waterplant in collaboration with Waterschap De Dommel): Using edible water plants for purification and biodiversity enhancement, benefiting sustainable agriculture and ecology.
  • The Water Creatures (Bernhard Lenger): Charming water house animals as guides for water awareness.
  • Turning (Waste)Water into Value (SEMiLLA Sanitation and Van den Berk Tree Nurseries): Practical and sustainable conversion of wastewater into valuable resources.
  • A Reflection of Water (Studio Corvers): A theatrical installation immersing visitors in the water cycle, fostering water understanding and appreciation.
  • Melting Heart (Diewke van den Heuvel): A poetic photo project with indirect ties to practical water solutions.
  • Coalition (Nienke Hoogvliet in collaboration with Waterschap De Dommel): An innovative cleansing ritual with a potentially limited impact compared to other projects.
  • Trusted Source (Hugo Schuitemaker in collaboration with the Clean Maas Water Chain): Emphasizing trust in water, but with fewer direct practical applications.
  • The Identity of Our Drinking Water (Lotte de Raadt in collaboration with Brabant Water): An informative drinking water passport with less direct involvement in broader water issues.
  • Bodies of Water (Fides Lapidaire and TwynstraGudde): Artistic and unique swimwear with limited direct impact on water quality improvement.
  • Climate Adaptation Dictionary: An awareness game potentially less practical than other projects.
  • Human Well - Wishing Well (Axel Coumans and Fides Lapidaire): A symbolic yet less directly practical project.
  • WHATisWATER? (Studio Rocco Verdult): Advocating rainwater use, with less direct involvement in broader water issue solutions.

001 DDW.jpgHuman Well - Wishing Well (Axel Coumans and Fides Lapidaire)


Water sculputure outside (l), Vortex Technology (m) and Bodies of Water (r)

The Embassy of Water presented a diverse array of projects highlighting design and innovation's ability to tackle water challenges and raise awareness of water's indispensable role in our lives. It was an inspiring showcase of creativity and commitment.