Greetings to a year of impactful partnerships!

01 January 2024

As we step into the promising landscape of 2024, World Waternet extends its hand in fostering strategic collaborations for sustainable water cycle management. Dedicated to advancing universal access to clean, sufficient, and safe water, we invite our community and partners to join forces in shaping a future of resilience and prosperity.

In the realm of shared responsibility, let us forge alliances that transcend borders, bringing forth innovative strategies for the full integrated Watercycle approach as we navigate the global challenges ahead, World Waternet is committed to facilitating dialogue and implementing solutions that positively impacts people's lives.

2024 marks an opportunity for our Water Operator Partnerships in collaboration with our strategic partners WaterWorX and Blue Deal to engage in impactful initiatives, creating a ripple effect that positively impacts communities worldwide. By championing sustainable practices and investing in water infrastructure, we can lay the foundation for a more secure, healthier, and prosperous future worldwide.

Our mission is to support public water organizations all over the world with our water experts and partners. We do this by creating a focus on autonomous governance and accountability, operational efficiency, integrated water resources management and financial stability.

World Waternet stands ready to collaborate with you, leveraging expertise and resources to enact positive change. Together, let us ensure that the flow of clean water becomes a symbol of shared progress, resilience, and international cooperation.

In the spirit of ubuntu and collective intelligence and action, we look forward to a year of transformative partnerships in our shared watersystems that elevate the cause of sustainable water access on a global scale. Creating sustainable water services for all.

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Frodo van Oostveen - CEO World Waternet

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