The 10 semi-finalists of the Sarphati Sanitation Challenge

17 June 2021

We are excited to announce that the 10 semi-finalists for the Sarphati Sanitation Challenge are selected! We received a high number of quality applications from 31 countries, which made it challenging for the jury to select the Top 10.

Sarphati Sanitation Challenge

The Sarphati Sanitation Challenge supports promising market-based sanitation solutions on their path to scale. Its a call on entrepreneurs with a viable, scalable and locally-embedded sanitation solution to apply, in order to accelerate access to safe sanitation for all. This year’s theme is ‘Sanitation and Health’, with the following main selection criteria: Innovation, Readiness, Sustainability, Scalability and Impact.

In alphabetical order the semi-finalists are:

Aerosan Sustainable Sanitation (Nepal)

Offers a design build-operate public toilet management solution through a network of pay-per-use, gender and disabled inclusive, hygienic and modern facilities with a waste-to-value solution.

AKYAS Sanitation (Jordan)

Innovated a faecal sludge management value chain for non-sewered sanitation systems to provide safe sanitation at low cost and recover resources from human waste in a hygienic, user-friendly way.

BluElephant (the Netherlands)

Ensures on the spot decentralized treatment of domestic wastewater and transforms it into an effluent with a reusable quality. The low energy demand allows for solar powered production of clear water.

CDD Society (India)

Nature-based technology approach to tackle domestic wastewater which advocates building many smaller systems close to the point of wastewater generation, saving costs and enabling its biproducts to be effectively re-used.

iThrone: the waste-evaporating toilet (US)

A waste-shrinking, drop-in toilet that “flushes” away human waste by evaporating it, extending safe, clean toilet access to communities with no plumbing.

LOTA+ (Singapore)

Holistic, sustainable low-cost toilet product that is off grid and recycles wate water and human waste, based on an understanding of user behaviour, pain-points and an iterative design thinking process. 

Mosan – The Circular Sanitation Solution (Switzerland)

Provides a climate positive and market-based sanitation solution featuring an in-home dry toilet and decentralized resource recovery technologies to transform human excreta into valuable products for reuse in agriculture.

SaniPath (US)

Novel, low-cost approach to support evidence- based decision making to guide public health investments in sanitation. Aims to turn their grant funded venture focused on one of the poorest regions of the world into an affordable commercial company.

Susamati Mozambique

Colourful toilets made of concrete that use only 1 cup of water to flush. Promote the use of toilets by selling them at an affordable price, contributing to the reduction of open defecation and the increase of sanitation coverage.


Social enterprise that makes, supplies and installs environmentally-safe, accessible and affordable high-quality biodigester toilets for low-income and underserved urban households and institutions.

What is next?

The semi-finalists have been invited to follow workshops on Business Model Innovation, Financing their solution and Pitch to Investors, as well as a workshop on Scaling Strategies, given by Accenture and Dutch BaseCamp.

They are also invited to the pitching event at the Stockholm World Water Week, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands on the 23th of August. Everyone is invited to join! Register here.

The ultimate winner of the Top 5 finalists will be announced at the Amsterdam International Water Week in November 2021.

Let’s take up the global challenge for sanitation solutions and accelerate access to safe sanitation for all!

More news will follow soon, keep following us on social media where we will publish regular updates!