Faso Koom partnership goes digital

18 May 2020

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online meetings have become a daily routine for many. But what if you lack internet access at home? With the budget that was meant to cover travel costs, World Waternet and the Dutch water authorities Drents Overijsselse Delta, Hunze & Aa's and Noorderzijlvest purchased 4G internet for staff of the local water authorities in Burkina Faso.

Due to the 4G internet, staff of the Burkinabe water authorities can continue their work from home. Moreover, the scheduled workshops can still continue online. The first online meetings already took place. This will serve as a permanent communication tool within the project and enables better communication between the Burkinabe water authorities as well. In Burkina Faso, the five water authorities are located far apart, and until now online meetings rarely  took place – so there is an opportunity to be seized. Moreover, the water authorities received disinfectants and  personal protective equipment.

Hand washing equipment donated by Dutch water authorities

The 4G internet and protective equipment arrived at precisely the right time, says Etienne Nacoulma, from the Burkinabe water authority Agence de l'Eau du Gourma (AEG):  “Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Burkinabe government took measures to keep all the water services up and running. It also reduced water and electricity taxes to relieve its citizens of their short-term financial concerns. Working from home is difficult for many, but now that we have 4G internet, we only go to the office when it is absolutely necessary.”

This way, the Dutch water authorities contribute to modernisation and reinforcement of the Faso Koom partnership in these challenging times.

About Faso Foom

Faso Koom is a cooperation between World Waternet, Dutch water authorities Drents Overijsselse Delta, Hunze en Aa’s, Noorderzijlvest and the five ‘Agences de l’ Eau’, the water authorities that are responsible for the implementation of integrated water resources management in Burkina Faso.