08 January 2020

Floods in Indonesia: why flood protection is so important

On January 1, due to a combination of heavy rain showers and rivers and canals that have been have been silting up , there was a huge flood in Jakarta and the surrounding area.

This is also the case in the city of Bekasi, where we are currently working on a sanitation project and in the province of Banten, where we worked on projects to improve the drinking water and sanitation services and river management until 2018.

Video shows how floods affected the City of Bekasi

The city of Bekasi has been impacted, as well as the faecal sludge treatment plant we currently work. In the province of Banten many areas were flooded, but the Mustika area of the Tangerang district was not impacted, due to the presence of a retention basin and the fact that management of most rivers in that delta was improved, based on the advice of the World Waternet team that worked in Banten.

Video shows how the retention basin in the Province of Banten

Our colleagues in Banten expressed their gratitude foour work.  

Our thoughts are with the people who have been affected by the floods!