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SWM (Suriname)

Finalized project

Support to secure water availability for the coastal plain of Suriname


Surinaamsche Waterleiding Maatschappij (SWM) is responsible for the drinking water supply in the coastal plain of Surinam. The infrastructure is largely outdated. Salinization and a long-term planning to secure the drinking water supply in the future are crucial topics. SWM switched from groundwater abstraction to surface water abstraction, which demands different purification techniques. The reduction of leakages and illegal connections are great challenges for SWM. Moreover, the quality of surface water and groundwater is a major concern.

Our impact

Ultimately the inhabitants of the coastal plain of Surinam will benefit from strengthened capacity of SWM.


  • Expansion of laboratory and training staff
  • Research on water resources and long-term strategies to secure future water availability
  • Awareness campaigns on the importance of water
  • Pilot project aimed at the reduction of leakages
  • Creating overview of geographic information on infrastructure
  • Setup of maintenance planning and training staff
  • Support of the SWM management

Obtained results

  • Procurement of new laboratory equipment and training staff
  • Advice on new water resources, abstraction of groundwater and making use of surface water to replenish the water supply
  • Surveys conducted in Paramaribo and used for educational films, which were broadcasted on TV.
  • Implementation of pilot project to reduce leakages
  • Setup of data management system to create an automated overview of all infrastructure
  • Introduction of a system for maintenance planning of technical facilities and staff training