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OWMCP (Suriname)

Finalized project

Integrated water resources management in Nickerie


The Nickerie area in the northwest of Suriname is an agricultural area. Water management and infrastructure in this region are adjusted to the needs of the rice industry. OWMCP is a young organisation, and World Waternet has supported OWMCP to develop into a full-fledged water authority. OWMCP is Suriname’s first water authority, and will serve as an example for water authorities in other regions.

Our impact

Our support contributed to improved water services for farmers and inhabitants of the Nickerie area.


  • Improvement of regulations
  • More economic deployment of pumping stations
  • Improvement of water balance and allocation
  • Creating awareness on the importance of water
  • Improvement of cooperation with other responsible water authorities

Obtained results

  • New regulations formulated and determined for OWMCP and surrounding water authorities
  • Development of an improved pumping method that saves 20% energy costs
  • Overview of missing infrastructure, maintenance and costs
  • Introduction of a ‘water calendar’ for better allocation of water
  • Development of short educational films and school projects to raise awareness on the importance of water
  • Setup of Nickerie Water Platform in which all water parties are represented