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ONEE (Morocco)

Finalized project

Improving water supply, water quality and wastewater treatment in Rabat and surroundings


In the Rabat area the public water utility ONEE abstracts surface water from the Bouragreg river to replenish their water supply. Chlorine is added in order to disinfect this surface water. However, the use of chlorine has many disadvantages. One of the alternatives for using chlorine is the use of filters containing ozone or activated carbon. In the Benin Melal area groundwater is abstracted to replenish the water supply. The degree of hardness of this groundwater is a huge problem, as it causes water pipes to clog. Furthermore, Morocco is facing extreme droughts and insufficient water supply. Morocco is still using qanāts, which are old underground channels that transport water from an aquifer or water well. In order to not lose the legacy of these qanāts, it is important to gain more knowledge on their functioning. This will be done through the development of groundwater modelling. World Waternet started cooperating with ONEE and IEA in 2009 with a focus on improved water supply and the functioning of wastewater treatment plants. 

Our impact

By strengthening ONEE, the population will ultimately benefit from improved access to water and sanitation. Morocco is more advanced than other countries in the region, and ONEE provides support to similar companies in other countries. IEA has set up a training facility with a regional function.      


  • Building a drinking water plant in Rabat, where  water is treated by filters containing ozone or activated carbon instead of chlorine
  • Training on the operation and maintenance of this drinking water plant
  • Improvement of the sludge policy

Obtained results

  • Setup of tender document for drinking water plant (pilot project)
  • Groundwater modelling of qanāts
  • Advice on actions to lower the degree of hardness in water around the Atlas Mountains
  • IT tool for knowledge management
  • Advice on improving sludge management
  • Training for water companies  in Burkina Faso, in cooperation with EIA