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Beheira (Egypt)

Finalized project

Supporting Egyptian water companies on improving wastewater treatment, drinking water management and sanitation


Since 1999 World Waternet has worked in a Water Operator Partnership (WOP) with the objective to improve the quality and quantity for the water supply of water companies in Beheira, Alexandria and Damietta. For many years, the Egyptians are familiar with how wastewater purification works. One issue that still remained was that they tend to focus on improving specific parts of the purification process and sometimes overlook the consequences for the total process. Asset management turned out to be a relatively new concept to our colleagues in Egypt. Moreover, the sanitation challenge in Egypt was and still is considerable.

Obtained results

  • The transfer of knowledge and experience has enabled water company BWADC in Damanhurto grow and become Egypt's leading drinking water company. The Beheira Water and Drainage Company launched a vocational training programme to be taught in its training centre. In time, the centre will also be training water experts from other countries in the region, such as Sudan. This way, the entire region can benefit from Egypt's pioneering role.
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing which obtained certifications, a refurbished laboratory, better maintenance and information systems, staff training, local process research, major energy and chemical savings, and a higher production of an existing water treatment plant.
  • A conducted risk analysis at a drinking water production site. Now that they are familiar with the method, they will continue conducting their own risk analyses.