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AIAS (Mozambique)

Finalized project

Capacity building for Urban Water and Sanitation Systems


Administração de Infra-estraturas de Água e Saneamento (AIAS) is responsible for water, sanitation and wastewater treatment in all secondary towns in Mozambique. World Waternet is supporting AIAS in institutional strengthening and increasing the capacity to improve sanitation in 15 towns.

Our impact

Our activities contribute to strengthening the AIAS organisation at central and provincial level to guarantee sustainable services of urban drinking water and sanitation for the inhabitants in 15 towns under the mandate of AIAS. Later, this capacity will be up scaled to other towns in Mozambique.

Obtained results

  • Study completed on AIAS’ financial sustainability and roadmap to financial autonomy
  • Increased water production at the 15 selected water operators
  • A two-week course on production optimization, rationing and water system maintenance
  • On-the-job training regarding system operation and maintenance in the 15 towns, together with AIAS staff members
  • Setup of AIAS sanitation strategy
  • Awareness raising programs on sanitation and hygiene issues for the local community; School Sanitation Clubs will focus on the promotion of sanitation and hygiene conditions
  • Capacity building for local sanitation stakeholders; implementation of sanitation action plans
  • Realisation of sanitation blocks in of Moamba and Nametil
  • By year end 2017, 65.000 more people had access to water and 30.000 more people have access to sanitation in the 15 project towns