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Blue Deal - 'Dji Don' (Mali)

Work in progress

Performance improvement in the wastewater sector in Mali

Region Niger River Basin
Period Phase 1: 2019-2022
Project partners  Agence Nationale de Gestion des Stations d’Épuration du Mali (ANGESEM) and the Dutch Water Authorities (Rijn & IJssel, De Dommel and Wetterskip Fryslân)
Funding  Blue Deal programme


Mali is a landlocked country that is experiencing a high population growth. The majority of Mali’s inhabitants live in rural areas whilst the capital city Bamako continues to grow as a metropole. At the same time, the wastewater system in Bamako has been unable to match the city’s rapid growth: households and industries of Bamako are faced with an extremely insufficient waste water system and lack sanitaiton services. Eight waste water treatment plants have been built in Mali over the past decades, but they function poorly and are not properly managed. 

World Waternet partners with ANGESEM since 2016 (see project: PCA GIRE in Mali ()). The main focus of this Blue Deal partnership is to continue to improve the functioning of the plants through the strengthening of ANGESEM, the responsible operator. The treatment plant in Bamako was designed to filter process organic waste water, but instead, the influent now exists of industrial waste only. The treatment plant therefore, does not function. As a result wastewater and faecal sludge are not properly managed and practices are dangerous for the environment and affect public health. Together with ANGESEM, Dutch water professionals will work to change this situation by supporting the strengthening of ANGESEM’s technical knowledge and organisational capacities. 

‘Dji Don’ means ‘water knowledge’ or ‘water gift’ in the local Bambara language.

Our impact

This partnership aims to upscale wastewater treatment (investments) in Mali and to professionalize ANGESEM's operations. In doing so, this partnership will improve, increase and ensure the local understanding, capacity and planning of wastewater treatment, which will lead to a higher effluent quality and reduced river pollution of the Niger river.

Project updates

Read the annual project newsletter for the latest project updates (in French):