Ruth Wijland

Project coordinator Mali (Young Expert Programme)

Ruth Wijland is our project coordinators, stationed in Bamako, Mali. She works for World Waternet as part of the Young Expert Programme.

Ruth has a background in Earth Sciences. The bachelor Aardwetenschappen at the VU touches upon a lot of different disciplines within earth sciences. Her interest was drawn to water because she was not only interested in the sciences behind the water process, but also the social relevance of water. These two came together in her master Water Science and Management at the University of Utrecht, which was a combination of hydrology, water management and sustainable development. During her many travels, she saw that clean drinking water and sanitation are not a given in a lot of countries across the world. She believes that every human being has the right of to have access to clean and affordable drinking water and good sanitation. She sees the Sustainable Development Goal 6 from the UN as a translation of her believe. Ruth hopes to make a contribution to this with her work at World Waternet within the programmes WaterWorx and Blue Deal in Mali.