Judith Kolen

Strategic Alliance Manager


Judith Kolen is Strategic Alliance Manager at World Waternet. Her motto: it's better to gain a small piece of a big pie, than a large piece of a small pie.

During her study 'Cultural Anthropology' at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, she learned how to deal with motivations, ambitions, desires and fears of people, and how these are formed by their cultural context. She graduated on Catholicism in Ireland. By chance, she ended up in the water sector via an employment agency. It quickly became clear to her that the water sector is an intriguing subculture, inhabited by people with great passion for their work. And this made her choose a career in water.

Soon after she started working for World Waternet and contributed to its construction. As Communication Officer she helped putting World Waternet on the map. For many years, she combined her work with other jobs: as HRM employee at Waternet and as Project Manager and Researcher at CEDLA, working on a program for small-scale gold extraction in the Amazon. In the goldfields of Surinam and Brazil, she managed to improve her anthropological research skills and gained experience in writing and editing (scientific) articles.

Meanwhile, Judith works fulltime at World Waternet. In her current position as Strategic Alliance Manager, her gained experience and passions all come together. She identifies cooperation opportunities and invests in good relations, constantly focused on cultural differences and various interests.