Joost Verbart

Project Coordinator Kenya (Young Expert Programme)

Joost’s international aspirations began at an early stage. After high school, he decided to take a gap year and started volunteering in an orphanage in Malindi, a town lying on the coast of Kenya. When he came back to the Netherlands, he moved to Delft to study Civil Engineering where he gained the opportunity to go abroad again. He went to Gambia to work on a project for solar-powered drying and storing fruit, vegetables and fish to ensure nutritious food in less fertile seasons. He also traveled to the Galapagos islands for a feasibility study on floating solar parks. For his bachelor thesis, he did a study about aerial piping for water supply to the Kibera slums in Nairobi. For his Master thesis, he conducted a research for Waternet on non-revenue water in Nairobi, specifically on where to install smart water meters in order to easily detect leakages. After graduation he wanted to get away from his laptop for a while, and started working as a technical assistant teacher at a Dutch high school, doing scientific experiments with kids to teach them more about chemistry and physics.  

But Joost was longing to go abroad again, and he got selected for the position of Project Coordinator via the Young Expert Programmes in Kenya. For a period of two years he is working on the Blue Deal project with the Water Resources Authority (WRA) and the WaterWorX project with Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC). He is the linking pin between the Waternet and local experts, preparing short-term visits, conducting field visits and facilitating capacity building. His ultimate goal is to provide more people access to clean and safe water, that is distributed equally for those how life upstream as well as downstream.  

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